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Cleaner and disinfectant cleaner with each  50ml content for approx. 100 applications. 


Cleaner for ingenia Mask PRO / STD, disinfectant cleaner for ingenia Mask PRO / STD, ingenia Mask Fab and many more  Cloth and paper masks suitable!


Made in Germany

  • our cleaners are REACH compliant
  • our disinfectant cleaners are registered as biocides
  • our disinfectant cleaners are dermatologically tested, test result: “very good”. 
  • our cleaners are alcohol-free 

1. Advantages of disinfectant cleaners: 
- water-based, therefore suitable for all types of masks, no dangerous goods
- antimicrobial,  works against bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungal spores
- Long-term disinfection that lasts for several hours
- Due to the contained natural oils, the sprayed masks smell pleasantly fresh
- in a handy spray bottle, suitable for almost any bag to take with you
- Economical to use - long-lasting effect


Since the various protective masks are placed directly in front of the mouth and nose, liquids collect on the surface. 
Are the masks made of textile  or paper, the aerosols are absorbed from the breath to saturation. Even filters in masks can only filter a limited amount of breathable air.
The germs contained in the aerosols / breathing air multiply rapidly in the warm, humid climate or can survive for a longer period of time.

For this reason, masks should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected or changed several times a day.

Global Prefer disinfectant cleaners are certified, registered disinfectant cleaners with a long-term effect. The remanence effect lasts up to 4  Hours, so it is not just a moment of disinfection.


2. The Ingenia Anfi-Fog Cleaner
For transparent community masks without an anti-fog coating.
Masks with an anti-fog coating offer additional comfort. Especially in colder seasons, when you go from the cold to the warm and back again, it is very comfortable if the mask does not fog up. 
If the mask is not coated at the factory, you can temporarily create an anti-fog effect with the Ingenia Anfi-Fog cleaner.

3. The Ingenia PRO cleaner
For transparent community masks with an anti-fog coating
Masks with an anti-fog coating offer additional comfort. Especially in colder seasons, when you often go from cold to warm and back again, it is very comfortable if the mask does not fog up. 
The anti-fog coating is sensitive to various cleaning agents and can be destroyed if / by:

  • pH value below 4
  • pH above 8.5
  • alcoholic cleaners
  • abrasive cleaners

We therefore recommend the Ingenia PRO cleaner as the optimal solution:

  • pH neutral (pH value 7)
  • non-alcoholic
  • fat dissolving
  • free of abrasive particles

In extensive tests, we were able to prove that the coating of the IngeniaMASK PRO over 300 cleaning cycles with the Ingenia PRO cleaner  survived unscathed.

The following applies to all cleaners: Particularly easy to use:

Spray on, rub in, work in / let dry - done!

Cleaner / disinfectant cleaner for INGENIA MASK PRO / STD / Fab

SKU: 005
100 Milliliters
VAT Included
  • Anti-fog cleaner for INGENIA MASK STD - 50ml
    PRO cleaner for INGENIA MASK PRO / STD - 50ml

    Disinfectant Cleaner [Mint] - 50ml 
    Disinfectant cleaner [lemon] - 50ml 
    Disinfectant Cleaner [Lavender] - 50ml 

  • Shipping costs national:
    For our private customers, the standard shipping fee is € 5.95.
    From an order value of 50, - € the shipping fee does not apply (shipping conditions within Germany).

    International shipping costs (EU including Liechtenstein and Switzerland):
    The prices vary depending on weight and destination between € 12.95 (1kg) and € 48  € (31kg)​

    International shipping costs (rest of the world):

    The prices vary depending on the weight and destination between 32.05  € (1kg) and 135  € (31kg)

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