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Ingeniously simple and simply ingenious - the "IngeniaMask"


IngeniaMASK is a transparent, stable, reusable and customizable plastic mask with an anti-fog coating.
It is delivered with transparent temples as standard. Additional brackets can be fitted quickly without tools and are available in different colors. The scope of delivery also includes a stylish goggle strap, which allows the mask to be removed quickly without taking it off, so that there is no contact with possibly dirty surfaces. The mask is easy and quick to clean.

Advantages over cloth and paper masks:
- The mask is tight and impermeable to aerosols in both directions
- Facial expressions and lips are visible, lipstick remains on the lips
- Can be worn in combination with a hearing aid, glasses or sunglasses
- Environmentally friendly because it is reusable
- Easy to clean
- Made in Germany

The IngeniaMASK is very light at less than 60g and yet very stable.
Under the IngeniaMASK there would also be enough space for an FFP3 respirator,

as far as this is prescribed. The temples and the mask are made of high quality

Plastic. The masks are made in Bavaria and are CE certified.

Here you can find the certificates in PDF form.


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