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Global Prefer ingenia MASK Fab


  • Medical mask type 1, with filter function comparable to an FFP2 mask
  • Long-lasting and high effectiveness in reducing germs
  • Low pressure resistance for easy breathing (<40 Pa)
  • Comfortable to wear even over a long period of time (several hours)
  • Washable and therefore environmentally friendly


Composition in detail:

  • 2 layers of fabric made of finely woven, skin-friendly and hygienic viscose fiber (made in Austria), ecologically dyed and printed in accordance with the GOTS standard and coated with the patented HeiQ Viroblock. The fabric is absorbent and directly absorbs larger droplets. The HeiQ Viroblock coating uses chemical reactions to destroy germs, bacteria and enveloped viruses (such as the corona virus). Germs are killed within 3 minutes. The IngeniaMASK FAB does not have to be washed every time it is worn. A sufficient antimicrobial effect has been proven even after 30 washes.


  • Fleece in 3 layers, due to its electrostatic charge it attracts germs and destroys their surface. In contrast to nonwovens that are generally used, the electrostatic charge is self-renewing due to the friction between the different layers. Normal fibers are made of one piece, the non-woven fibers have a cake-like structure and can absorb a large number of particles / aerosols due to their much larger surface. The fleece is skin-friendly and tested according to Ökotex 100.  (Evolon is a registered trademark of the Freudenberg company)


  • A layer of SK PUR 30 foam, a pressed and reticulated foam with precisely controlled pore size. As a result, the breathing air is slowed down and diverted. The foam is skin-friendly and tested according to Ökotex 100.


  • An easily malleable brass bracket allows the mask to be optimally adapted to the face.


  • The IngeniaMASK FAB is held in place by a soft, elastic knitted cord. The length of the cord is adjusted with a stopper. It ensures that the mask fits perfectly on the face without pressing behind the ears or folding them forward.


In order to ensure optimal protection for different head shapes and sizes, the IngeniaMASK FAB is available in sizes S, M, L.

IngeniaMask FAB

SKU: 001
VAT Included
    • S.             small (17cm)             Head circumference up to 54cm
    • M.            medium (19cm)          Head circumference up to 58cm
    • L.             large (21cm)             Head circumference from 58cm

    (The head circumference is at the level of the  Forehead measured)

    Available in the colors

    • Black uni
    • Blue with lines 
    • (more colors will follow)
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