Ingeniously simple and simply ingenious - the "IngeniaMask"

Wearing comfort:

  • The temples allow the "IngeniaMask" to be worn like normal glasses. Eyeglass wearers can comfortably wear the IngeniaMASK with their glasses.

  • Even wearers of hearing aids can combine them well with IngeniaMASK

  • Due to its low weight of less than 60 grams, you can easily wear it for a longer period of time

  • Interlocutors, children, but also pets such as dogs, can fully recognize the facial expressions and lips of the person wearing the transparent “IngeniaMASK”. People with impaired hearing can read what is spoken from their lips

  • FaceID works with smartphones or other identification systems without removing the mask

  • In order to briefly remove the IngeniaMASK, it can be attached to the supplied eyeglass strap and does not have to be put down somewhere.

  • The transparent IngeniaMASK is easy to clean. Contamination (aerosols, saliva) can be seen immediately, in contrast to a cloth or paper mask, and can be easily wiped off

  • no destroyed hairstyle or protruding ears due to a lanyard on the head or elastic band on the ears.


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