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Because there is currently no nationwide regulation regarding "Personal Protective Equipment" (PPE) / "Community Masks", there is great uncertainty among people and those responsible in authorities and businesses. Everyone tries to avoid mistakes, because wrong decisions can have severe consequences for those affected, but also for those responsible. And in order to meet precisely this responsibility, excessive caution is often taken.

The Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care has currently published the following information on its homepage on the subject of "Personal Protective Equipment":

Why should I wear an everyday mask?

In order to protect others from being infected with the new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), wearing an everyday mask is required in certain situations in public spaces, for example in shops and when using public transport, in order to prevent the spread of Reduce COVID-19 in the population. Everyday masks mainly protect bystanders from the expulsion of solid or liquid particles by the (possibly asymptomatic, but infectious) wearer of the mask. You yourself are protected if the obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover is observed by the other people.

What kind of mouth and nose coverings can I use?

The 6th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance does not prescribe any specific properties (in terms of material, consistency, size, shape and wearing style) of the mouth and nose cover. As can be seen from the name, suitability from a legal point of view exists if the mouth and nose are covered by the mask when worn. This is achieved, for example, with so-called everyday masks (also called community masks). For the difference between everyday masks and medical masks and masks for professional protective equipment and our recommendation for everyday masks, see the next heading.

Sufficient coverage is provided if the mouth and nose covering is either all-round and flush with the skin or if a gap is left between the mouth and nose covering and the skin that is only large enough to allow comfortable breathing (such as with some plastic clear masks). Visors and so-called face shields do not meet this requirement (see also the heading “Is it permitted to use a visor as a mouth and nose cover?” Below).

Please understand that we cannot evaluate any individual mouth and nose cover products.

Recommendations for wearing an everyday mask can be found on the website of the Federal Center for Health Education .

IngeniaMASK fulfills the above-mentioned conditions and also has

a number of advantages in everyday use.

The IngeniaMASK is a mouth and nose protection,

- it completely covers the mouth and nose

- the circumferential gap allows comfortable breathing

- The slight curvature inwards at the top and bottom makes the

exhaled air decelerates and directed to the wearer's body. Through the

Air flowing downwards creates a suction of fresh, unused air

feeds from above.


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